how WILL GO-TOGETHER CHURCHES prepare for the explore god experience?

Leading up to the EXPLORE GOD series in January, here are a few ways we can GO TOGETHER into our communities, intentionally building relationships with those God has placed in each of our lives.


    During October, we will be praying together every single day for our friends and neighbors to be open to participate in the EXPLORE GOD experience. You can sign up here to be a part of 31 days of prayer. 

    If you are already friends with your neighbors, great! Be praying for them and we will join you in prayer. If you haven't met your neighbors or don't know them very well yet, now is the time to pray that God will open new opportunities to engage in conversation.  


    Everyone knows its more fun to go to an event with a friend. So be a friend. God is orchestrating the details right now to bring some of your own neighbors to EXPLORE GOD. Wouldn't it be great to be there to see Him at work in their lives? Learn more about hosting a neighborhood bbq and others ways to connect with your neighbors here.

  • 3. Serve together

    Invite a friend to serve the community with you. Learn more about serving with your friends.

  • 4. invite together

    Invite neighbors and friends to the EXPLORE GOD experience at your church; either the sermon series, small group, or both. 

January - February 2019

Explore God Chicago is a citywide gospel initiative led by pastors and ministry leaders with a goal to unite more than 1,000 Chicagoland churches in preaching a 7 Big Questions sermon series and to launch thousands of Explore God discussion groups in local communities at the same time.

The Churches of GO TOGETHER along with potentially over 1,000 Chicago area churches are joining this powerful initiative to focus on these questions.

 "Does Life Have a Purpose?," "Is There a God?," "Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?," "Is Christianity too Narrow?," "Is Jesus Really God?," "Is the Bible Reliable?," & "Can I Know God Personally?"

If your church is not yet a part of this & would like to be click here to learn more.

Now is the time to be intentional about building relationships and bringing friends & neighbors to this Explore God series at a church near you. Click here to learn ways to build intentional relationships. Click here to find a church that will be participating in Explore God.

There will be more information coming in the future months. Please check back regularly for more information. You may also email Pastor Ben Squires.

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