the church in gurnee

Ten percent or less of the population regularly attends a Bible-teaching, Christ-centered church. While this is not the only measurement of spiritual condition, it is certainly one of them. The vast majority of your neighbors, family, coworkers, and others in your circles of influence are separated from God, and will remain so if you do not take intentional action to introduce them to Jesus Christ. Most followers of Jesus Christ understand this tremendous need, but often lack the necessary skills and motivation to do anything about it. Evangelism is intimidating, feels unnatural, and can end up feeling obligatory rather that joyful.  

This is the reason why GO! Together was developed by a group of ten pastors right here in the Village of Gurnee. GO! Together was not imported or borrowed from anywhere else, because no one else has attempted quite what we are attempting. The vision of GO! Together is to transform lives, families, neighborhoods, churches and our whole community...together. We want every man, woman and child in the Gurnee area to have the opportunity to be introduced to Jesus by someone they have come to know and trust. The basic idea is to change the mindset of individual believers and churches to include sharing their lives and sharing Christ with other people who are already in their circle of influence. This is all with an acknowledgment that this is best done in partnership with other believers, with no regard to which particular congregation your missionary partners might attend. The end result has been a series of multi-church small groups that meet to pray, encourage one other, learn, and to strategize on how to best connect the people in their circle of influence to the person of Jesus Christ in relational ways. The most likely reason you are checking out this website is that you are trying to figure out how to be a part of a GO! Together group, or you are already involved at some level. If you are interested in starting or joining a group, check out the "CONNECT" tab and explore your options.