GO TOGETHER is the churches in Gurnee joining together to make personal contact with every Gurnee household to effectively present the gospel to hearts can be turned to Jesus.


GO TOGETHER exists to inspire, equip and mobilize Christ-followers in our Gurnee churches to develop trusting and redemptive relationships with the unchurched people in their circle of influence. We believe that through these relationships, God will transform lives, families, neighborhoods, churches and our whole community . . . together.


The vision of GO TOGETHER is transformed lives, families, neighborhoods, churches and whole communities.

Whole lives - seeing real change in people's lives as they turn to Christ

Nurturing families - seeing families become healthy, strong and united

Connected neighborhoods - seeing neighborhoods take on the commands of Christ to care for others

Growing churches - seeing churches once again become the center and touchpoint of the community

Transformed communities - seeing communities thrive and grow in grace and truth

Our core convictions are:

  • Paradigms not programs - we must all think differently about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and begin to develop different lifestyle habits.
  • We are responsible for the people in our own circles of influence - we must feel a weight of responsibility for the people in their own circle of influence.
  • God is already at work - God is already moving in the hearts of your neighbors, friends and family. Our job is merely to identify where he is already at work and join in what He is doing.
  • We are going to do this together - taking responsibility for our circles of influence, and taking action to bring the Gospel to people who haven't heard it, was never meant to be done alone.

GO TOGETHER exists to encourage and equip individuals to establish and maintain these missionary partnerships.