The Prayer Room is now closed. As you may know, the Prayer Room is located in the heart of the area of Gurnee that frequently floods when the Des Plaines River overflows its banks. For many years now, the Village of Gurnee has been purchasing properties in that area to create more green space and minimize the impact when flood events happen. Just a few months ago, the Village purchased the building where the Prayer Room is located, and the process of shutting down that building has begun.

Officially we would be able to maintain the space until late Fall, but since the utilization of the Prayer Room during this shelter-in-place order is essentially zero, the pastors of the Gurnee churches collectively have decided to close down the Prayer Room, effective immediately.

The Gurnee Prayer Room has been a powerful tool in building unity within the Church of Jesus Christ in our community. Rest assured that we - the pastors of the churches in Gurnee that form the "Go-Together" partnership - are already discussing what joint efforts we will be entering into in the future. As soon as plans are made, you will be among the first to hear about it.

Even though the Prayer Room is closing, we encourage you to remain in constant prayer for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to continue to transform our families, our congregations, and our community.

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How Can We Reach Gurnee With The Gospel?

So, how can we reach Gurnee with the Gospel?

We reach it TOGETHER.


God has already placed you among other Christians in your neighborhood so that together, with you, we form a community to reach out with the message of Christ.

Get involved by Hosting a neighborhood event like a barbeque. Come and pray at our 24/7 Prayer Room. Find ways to be present at community events that are already happening.

Then once God does something amazing (which He will) share the story with us.

GO TOGETHER is the Churches in Gurnee joining together to intentionally build a relationship with every person in Gurnee to effectively present the gospel so hearts can be turned to Jesus.

Take a look around this site. It offers some great resources that will help you as you share the Good News with your friends and neighbors.